Sound Healing

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What is sound healing?
Sound healing is a form of energy healing. Sound healers act as a channel for healing energies, which are carried through the medium of sound vibrations. Sound healing can help people with physical, emotional and mental imbalances, and bring harmony and greater well-being. Sound healing helps restore energy and balance and renew spiritual wholeness.

Energetic blockages which can be the cause of ‘dis-ease’ and pain can be released during a sound healing. Sound healing can take a client quickly to a very relaxed and meditative state, where they may release their anxieties and pain, allowing their energies to flow more freely, leading to a greater integration and wholeness, or oneness within their being.

What are the potential benefits of Sound Healing?

Increased energy levels
Lifting depression and anxiety
Promoting a Mindful attitude
Helping with grieving and relationship issues
Overcoming sleeplessness
Building confidence in using the voice and increasing self esteem
Alleviation of pain
Unlocking blocked creativity
Enhanced awareness on all levels of being
A return to ‘wholeness’
When you are feeling ‘out of tune’, dealing with health issues, or simply want time for yourself, sound healing can help you.

As one of the oldest forms of healing, sound has been used therapeutically by most indigenous people around the world. In the last few years, sound and voice work has been more widely accepted as an approach to healing and there is now a growing body of professional therapists who are taking this forward.

Jane’s workshop participants are encouraged to incorporate simple, but effective breathing exercises and vocal toning exercises in their daily routine, to help bring a greater sense of balance into their lives.

How can you take part in a class, workshop or retreat?
See the upcoming programme of events here.

keep calm

“There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune.” ~ Rudolf Steiner


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