Courses, Workshops, Retreats


I love facilitating groups. My intention for each course, workshop or retreat is to create a calm and safe space where everyone can connect to their true selves and experience the joy of inner peace.

Upcoming COURSES, workshops and RETREATS

Covid-19 Restrictions
Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, I will not be delivering and treatments or running any events in person for a while.  However, I am developing a new programme of workshops to be delivered when the time is right. These include ‘Creative journaling’ and ‘Sounding for inner harmony’ and ‘Living mindfully where we are now’.  If you are interested in learning more about these workshops, do get in touch.

serenity in the garden

Free guided meditations for you
Mindfulness meditation can be hugely helpful in maintaining mental health and wellbeing through times like this. To help you practice, I have put together a library of the guided meditations from my most recent Mindfulness workshops.  If you would like these emailed to you, please contact me.




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